The Story of Simply Made Soap


Meet Kathy

   Simply Made Soap is created in Greenwood, Nebraska.  A small town in eastern part of the state.  

   My passion for creating quality soap came from my daughter, Ellen.

Ellen was researching ways to create a home business and talked about the possibility of making soap.  Both she and her brother have eczema and have to be careful about what brands of soap they purchase. So she saw it a possible market for a product.

   The idea of making a gentle soap with a limited number of chemicals peculated in my head for a few weeks and I thought I should try making some soap.  So, Google helped me find a simple recipe and a passion was born!   For a year I bought books and experimented with combinations of oils, essential oils, fragrances and additives to make soaps that had limited chemicals and was actually good for the skin!  I have given away a lot of soap because I had to do something with all that I was making!  

   I couldn’t walk down the oil isle of my local grocery store without wanting to buy it and find out how it would work in a soap recipe.  I had no idea that there were so many different oils to be used!  I wanted to use them all and find out how each oil benefited one’s skin.   I have learned and I am continuing to learn a lot about the benefits of what is put into a bar of soap.    

   I have created a basic recipe for a gentle soap that is 60% Olive Oil and 20% Coconut Oil.   The remaining 20% of oils are made up of special oils that will enhance qualities such healing, moisturizing, conditioning and fragrance.   Lye or Sodium Hydroxide is the one chemical that must be used to create soap.  It is what causes the chemical reaction to change the oils into soap.  I limit the amount of lye in my soap to create a gentle, cleansing bar.   I hope you enjoy the benefits of Simply Made Soap as much as I do.  

Enjoy… Kathy Lloyd