Store Policy

Customer Care

Our handmade soap is truly created in small batches.  Generally a batch of soap will produce about 20 four ounce bars of soap and about a dozen 0.5 oz sample bars.  The website is updated once a day concerning inventory.  Should we be out of an item you order I will contact you via email to determine a replacement or cancelation of the order.  

We welcome suggestions for essential oils or clays you would like to find in our product and would love to hear from you.   

If you have a special order once the soap is mixed it does have to cure for six weeks before it can be sold so please keep that in mind if ordering an individualized recipe.   

Privacy & Safety

I’m a privacy & safety policy section. I’m a great place to inform your customers about how you use, store, and protect their personal information. Add details such as how you use third-party banking to verify payment, the way you collect data or when will you contact users after their purchase was completed successfully.


Your user’s privacy is of the highest importance to your business, so take the time to write an accurate and detailed policy. Use straightforward language to gain their trust and make sure they keep coming back to your site!

Wholesale Inquiries

If you would like to carry Simply Made Soap in your retail store please contact me at   


Payment Methods

- Credit / Debit Cards

- Offline Payments